Dark evenings are coming… here are some tips to help keep your premises safe and secure

Dark evenings are returning, and now is the time to prepare your home and business security. As the nights grow longer, break-ins become more common, especially during Halloween, Bonfire Night, and the months leading up to Christmas. This is because people tend to leave their properties vacant to attend family gatherings. Additionally, intruders thrive in darkness because they are less likely to be caught or identified. Here are some steps to take to keep your premises safe for the upcoming dark evenings.

1. Lights

Almost all intruders want to avoid light areas so that they can go unseen. So one of the best ways to protect your business or home is to install motion sensor lights or floodlights around your premises. Additionally, sometimes leaving a light on indoors when you vacate your premises is a good idea as it gives the impression that someone is in.

2. Secure entries/exits 

You must ensure that you’re not offering intruders an easy way into your premises. Firstly, when you go out, make sure all windows and doors are closed. The locks on all windows and doors must be secure and in working order. A faulty lock could result in a break-in.

3. Install CCTV

An effective CCTV system serves as a deterrent for intruders as well as a means to retrieve evidence in case an intruder gets inside your premises. The government confirms that CCTV footage can sometimes be used as evidence in court if you were unfortunate enough to experience a break-in. Our CCTV experts at Mayfair Fire & Security offer a range of CCTV solutions for homes and businesses.

4. External gates

Security gates that are strong and durable have proven to reduce crime and undesirable behaviour significantly. They provide an effective and secure barrier to potential intruders since they make accessing your home more challenging, and they are more likely to get caught in the process.