Mayfair Fire & Security’s contribution to the environment

Considering our impact on society and the environment

Mayfair Fire & Security is on its journey to becoming an ISO 14001:2015 accredited business. We want to consider our impact on society and the environment. Therefore, we must monitor all tasks carried out by our management teams, employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers. All tasks need to be performed responsibly and sustainably. We have also implemented some physical environmental changes to our office, which we will cover in this blog.

Green leaves representing the environment

Here we list six ways in which we’re making our business more eco-friendly: 

1) Training

Training is provided for employees to help integrate environmental management into everyday work practices. Employees will receive the correct information to enable them to conduct their work activities in a way that minimises significant ecological and environmental impacts.

2) Recycling

We have issued and located indoor and outdoor recycling bins to encourage employees to recycle their packaging. Controlling waste processes will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our business culture.

3) Solar power rooftop system

Being a 24h/365-day business, electricity cost and conservation is high on our agenda; by utilising the entire roof area of our building, we have commissioned an extensive 80-panel solar power rooftop system. The system can generate over 160kw on average per day, saving 27 tons of Co2 from entering the atmosphere and is equivalent to planting 140 trees per year.

4) Electric vehicles

Carefully selecting our company vehicles, which adopt the latest energy-saving fuel technologies, has allowed the company to benefit from the electricity from our 45KVa UV solar system and charge our cars at no cost to the environment. 

5) LED lighting/heat pump Heating 

To reduce energy consumption within our organisation across all areas, we have reduced our lighting consumption by replacing costly fluorescent fittings with low-power LED lighting units. Employees are also encouraged to turn off switches and electronic equipment if they’re not in use.

Expensive storage heaters have been replaced with heat pump airconditioning units.

6) Flexible working 

The company has embraced flexible working for certain sections of the company, reducing employees’ travel needs and, in the process reducing CO2 emissions. 

As always, we’re striving to do more to make a difference. However, it’s important that we maintain a balance between meeting our customers’ demands and also meeting the needs of our employees.