Take precautions to keep your home safe during this heatwave

Burgers on BBQ
Be careful of BBQ-related accidents and fires.

Extreme heat warnings

BBC News states an amber extreme heat warning has come into force, with temperatures forecast to hit 37C (99F) in some parts of the UK over the next four days.

The Met Office alert for southern and central England and parts of Wales runs from midnight on Thursday until Sunday.

It has also issued its highest alert for fire severity over the weekend, warning there is an “exceptional” risk of blazes spreading in many places.

Prevent fires

  • Try to avoid BBQs – a hot summer’s day is the perfect opportunity to throw a family BBQ. However, this does mean there is a greater chance of a BBQ-related accident or fire. If you decide to throw a BBQ party, you must wait until the BBQ has cooled down before you leave it unattended.
  • Be careful when disposing of cigarettes – ensure that your used cigarette is extinguished before disposal.

Keep your home safe

Leaving windows open may be effective in allowing cool air to filtrate our homes, but it also encourages unwanted attention from burglars. Leaving windows and doors open or unlocked may seem tempting, but you should understand the risks and explore your options when it comes to securing your home.

Lock valuables away

If you are leaving windows and doors open, be sure to hide all your valuables in a safe place. Things include car keys, wallets, purses, and mobile phones. You do not want to attract the attention of unwanted visitors. The same rule applies to valuable garden equipment. In the summer, gardening is especially popular, so store your equipment in a secure place after you’ve finished using it.

Invest in a home alarm or CCTV

No matter how many safety measures you put in place, sometimes burglars still manage to find a way into your home. But installing an intruder alarm or CCTV system means you will be alerted immediately about a break-in. Not only this, alarms and CCTV can act as a great visual deterrent against burglars.